Jim Santos Art



As corny as it may sound, I feel it is the artist's mission to reveal what is inherent in the stone with minimal input to capture the essence of the piece; to become what it needs to be for its fulfillment.  The task is to help it emerge.  The artist must develop a relationship with the stone, establish a feeling for it, and understand that its nature must prevail.  This philosophy follows the theory of Monism* that maintains that every sentient life in the universe possesses it's own form of concsciousness.

I work directly with the stone, rarely, if ever, sketching or modeling beforehand, which generates constraints and compromises spontaneity.  This also allows me to sculpt what is appropriate to the stone without regard to any particular style.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Monism: the theory that ultimate reality is qualitatively of one sort.  In metaphysics there are two forms of Monism:

(1) qualitative, one kind of reality (mind or matter or a derivative), and

(2) quantitative (singularism), meaning that everything that exists is part of one all-inclusive being.  In epistemology, monism declares that object and the knowing of objects are one, or the same, identified.